Warsaw tourism

Warsaw tourism – where to go


Warsaw tourism – possible choices

Warsaw tourism is growing and becoming more and more popular. Tourists are coming from abroad as well as from Poland. The capital has a lot to offer and it’s really worth the time to know its riches. There are different kinds of tourism that you can choose from. Frist of all, Warsaw is a city with a long and troubled history. Hence, there is a lot of museums, galleries and places commemorating the past. Just think of the history of Warsaw uprising in 1944 and all the historical sites that you can visit. The historical route going over the city and following the events of the uprising is an interesting idea. Historical Warsaw tourism is truly worth visitors time.

If history and the past is not really your thing consider another ideas. Maybe a route leading you through the most spectacular parks. There is one, probably the most popular Łazienki royal park. It’s one of the biggest in the capital, full of stunning greenery and animal life. Then, there are many other parks all over the capital where you can enjoy the walk or peace and quiet of a sunny day. If the capital parks are still not enough consider visiting Wilanow, just 10 km south of Warsaw, a huge park and palace buildings where you can also enjoy the nature. Visiting this place is a great idea, especially in spring or early summer, when flowers are starting to bloom.

What are possibilities here? You can always go to modern art galleries and admire the multiple exhibitions. If art is not your thing consider visiting restaurants or cafes, where you can enjoy typical Polish cuisine, but also food from all over the world. Warsaw is a world class city where you can find a lot of modern day entertainment. Another great idea, during summer season, is to see laser fountain show. The show combines music with images and play of light in a spectacular way. Additionally, each season it presents different story from Warsaw past.

Warsaw tourism – is there a future

Warsaw tourism is on fashion. There are many qualified city guides who can tell visitors amazing stories and show them stunning places. City guides are very often specialized and offer all kinds of routes. Moreover, it’s possible to join both – organized groups or have a tour as an individual visitor. You can choose historical route leading you through the most significant places and combine it with visit to a modern day restaurant. The possibilities here are many, the choice is fully yours. Warsaw tourism has a lot of future ahead. More and more visitors are coming to the capital, some want to see the historical past, others enjoy its hectic life. One thing is certain, everybody can find something for themselves.