What to see in Warsaw

What to see in Warsaw

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What to see in Warsaw on a trip with children?

Are you taking your child to the capital to show him/her the beauty of this city, but don’t know where to go in order to make the trip interesting? Don’t worry, there are multiple possibilities that will make your child happy and your whole excursion special and you will remember it as a great adventure. Therefore if you don’t know what to see in Warsaw during a trip with children, read the further part of this article. You will surely find many interesting proposals.

  • Copernicus Science Centre

    The first place you should go to with your child is Copernicus Science Centre, in which you will find many amazing exhibitions. What’s more, there is a planetarium, with a special star projector. For the youngest children, there are also movies and shows from which they can learn a lot. However if you are planning to visit this place, check in advance if there are any organized trips because these can make your visit difficult.

  • Janusz Korczak Museum

  • Another interesting place on the map of Warsaw is Janusz Korczak Museum for the Children, operating within the Ethnographic Museum. In the repertoire of the museum there are many attractions and workshops, which are meant to teach children about the heritage and culture of our country. There are also art and music classes and different games. So if you don’t know what to see in Warsaw, we highly recommend you this place!
  • Theatre of the Small Spectator

  • You can also go to the Theatre of the Small Spectator. It is known for very laidback atmosphere and the kids can take part in spectacles. The important thing is the plays are prepared in such a way, so that also the one year-olds can perform! A big number of attractions and incredible experiences is guaranteed!
  • Multimedia Fountain Park

  • Your child will definitely be amazed by the Multimedia Fountain Park. In the evenings, there are wonderful shows with water, lights and sound. It is worth adding, that nearby there is a Mystery House, which can be visited on the way. A visit to this place is a really creative entertainment, which can bring a lot of happiness to children and adults alike, especially if they solve the mysteries together. So, if you don’t know what to see in Warsaw and you don’t want your child to get bored, Mystery House is a really good option.
  • Warsaw ZOO

  • If your child likes animals, you can go to the ZOO, where you will see over 500 species of animals. You will have no chance to get bored, because there are playgrounds and a mini-zoo in which the children can pet and feed the bunnies, ponies, sheep, goats etc.
  • Our last idea for spending time in the capital is a visit to the aerodynamic tunnel FLYSPOT, where you can feel what it is like to float in the air. Everything takes place in safe environment with specialized trainers so don’t worry, your child will not get hurt.