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Where to find a place to eat in Warsaw? The best restaurants in the capital

Warsaw is a city where you can eat and enjoy great food. The city operates a lot of pubs, cafes and restaurants serving all sorts of cuisines – Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. So everyone will find something that will suit their taste buds. We prepared a ranking of restaurants where you can taste various delicious dishes – for those who are considering a trip to the Polish capital city and do not know where to stay in Warsaw for something good to eat. The list of the places that are definitely worth visiting will be found below.

Where to stay in Warsaw for a meal? – Selected restaurants:

  1. First on our list is Atelier Amaro. This restaurant is run by the well-known chef Wojciech Modest Amaro, who in 2013 was awarded with a Michelin star. This restaurant is a place where Polish cuisine is experimented with, and the menu changes from day to day, adjusting to the rhythm of nature. The dishes are small culinary works of art, which are prepared with the best seasonal ingredients from all over Poland. Moreover, the restaurant also has its own farm near Warsaw, where pigs and poultry are bred and farmed, milk is freshly produced and a lot of food which comes from local forests is dried and pickled. They are thus the main ingredients from which the amazing dishes are prepared in the restaurant itself. So, if you still do not know where to eat in Warsaw, we highly recommend this place. But bear in mind that you have to book a table in advance.
  2. Second on our list is ‘Kafe Zielony Niedzwiedz’ (Kafe Green Bear), which offers its guests a unique Polish cuisine, a combination of traditionalism and modernity. The sublime flavour of the meals are composed of the best quality goods, sourced from niche manufacturers. It’s a place where you can enjoy delicious regional meats and cheeses, in the company of the greatest Hungarian wines. The menu changes with the seasons, and the dishes are prepared using only seasonal products. If you do not know where to stop in Warsaw for something delicious to eat, this is one of our highest recommendations, especially because the kitchen’s main chef is Sebastian Olma, the winner of “Top Chef” TV show. It is also worth noting that the restaurant is located in Powiśle, more precisely in the Prayer Park, so on a hot day you can eat delicious meals whilst simultaneously relaxing in the fresh air.
  3. Our next restaurant recommendation for those who do not know where to stay in Warsaw and eat great meals is ‘Opasly Tom PiW’. The restaurant is elegant and cosy, located at Foksal street. The restaurant has an open kitchen and offers unique dishes. Its owner is Agata Wojda. The menu of this restaurant is short and changes every season, because the dishes are prepared with fresh products coming exclusively from reliable and trusted manufacturers. Their biggest advantage is the great taste, simplicity and tested combination of various ingredients.
  4. Last on our list is the ‘Senses’ restaurant, which still grows to be one of the largest competitors for Atelier Amaro. This year the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, so if you do not know where to stay in Warsaw and consume a great meal, we recommend you this location so you can see for yourself how innovative their dishes are. The dishes are a mix of traditional, familiar Polish flavours and modern touches – the truly exquisite approach in cooking. The main chef on the premises is Andrea Camastry, who prefers unusual combinations of flavours. He focuses on creativity and uses only high-quality products from organic cultivation. Therefore, no one should be surprised at the fact that the menu changes depending on the seasons of the year and availability of specific goods.

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