delegation in Warsaw

A hotel fit for a delegation in Warsaw

Warsaw Accomodation

Companies that aim to establish new business contacts should strive to continuously participate in meetings, fairs, conventions or conferences within their industry. These usually take place in large cities, adapted to receive numerous national and international guests. Cities have greater communication range, and airport is usually at hand. A variety of such events are held… Continue Reading »

Big city life

Big city life – pros and cons


Big city life – pros Living in a big city has a lot of positive aspects. Although, it’s not only about good things it’s definitely a great experience. Think for example of the following things: easy access to public services, to knowledge and healthcare among the most important ones, possibility to enjoy various sides of… Continue Reading »

Warsaw tips

Warsaw tips – where to eat and what to do


Warsaw for tourists – attractions Warsaw as the capital city has plenty of things to offer. There’s a huge number of attractions that offer various kinds of entertainment for all visitors. In order to fully understand Warsaw’s potential it’s best to know what type of visitors come to the capital. In case of Warsaw there’s… Continue Reading »