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Getting to Warsaw by Plane

Warsaw Transport

If you are planning to stay in Warsaw, it is logical to first consider the mode of transport you will use to get there of course. Below you will find detailed information regarding getting to and from Warsaw. Warsaw Airports Getting to Warsaw by plane is the most convenient way to visit the capital city… Continue Reading »

Spending Christmas in Warsaw

Places to see Warsaw Guide

If you’re planning to visit Warsaw during the holiday season, be prepared! We’ve asked our Polish and Expat experts living in Warsaw what to do and what to expect during Christmas. Let’s have a read. Chris (25, Texas, in Warsaw since 2008) When I first came here around December, I was not surprised to see… Continue Reading »

Warsaw Shopping

5 best shopping malls in Warsaw

Places to see Warsaw Guide

No matter if you are staying for an extended time or just for a few days, Warsaw has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping – the fresh air of capitalism swept through the country 30 years ago and shopping centres were showing up one after another. But a simple mall is nothing… Continue Reading »