Places to see

Like every guide, we also have a section that will show you the best places to visit during your stay in Warsaw.

Warsaw parks and gardens

Warsaw parks and gardens – enjoy the nature

Warsaw parks and gardens – alternative to modernity and history Warsaw is a really curious city. On the one hand, it’s full of energy and modern day vibes. While walking its streets you can almost feel its rhythmic pulse as it unfolds beneath your feet and all around you. You can see it in the… Continue Reading »

Autumn in the capital

Autumn in the capital – where’s the fun

Autumn in the capital – Warsaw attractions Warsaw has plenty of attractions. There are many various kinds of museums, art galleries, exhibitions (including interactive ones) and plenty of recreational places, both outdoors and indoors. No matter your interest or passions you can certainly find something for yourself. Interestingly, price range allows to choose something suitable… Continue Reading »

Museums for children

Museums for children – enjoy the capital

Children at play – check out museums There’s plenty of things you can do when you’re travelling to Warsaw. The capital offers attractions for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history or modern day art you can be sure to find something for yourself. There’s plenty of museums, art galleries and a variety of different art… Continue Reading »

Jewish museum

Jewish museum – history and offer

Jewish museum in Warsaw Warsaw as the capital city of Poland has a lot to offer. There is plenty of things to do. Depending on your personal interest you can choose from historical attractions, modern day fashions or relaxing moments with nature. These are just a few of many possibilities. Warsaw is a modern day… Continue Reading »

Copernicus Science Center

Warsaw – Copernicus Science Center

Warsaw for science Warsaw offers a variety of attractions. It’s a city with a long and troubled history. You can find there a lot of historical marks and museums, just walk over the old market square or see Warsaw Uprising Museum. If you’re tired or not particularly fond of history enjoy the multitude of events… Continue Reading »