Domestic tourists

Domestic tourists – capital city of Poland

Is Warsaw interesting for domestic tourists Warsaw as the capital city of Poland and its biggest city is definitely interesting to visit for foreign tourists and business people. After all, Warsaw has a long and interesting history and plenty of sites where tourists can re-live this troubled, but still exciting past. It’s also a paradise… Continue Reading »

Foreign visitors

Foreign visitors – enjoy Warsaw

Foreign visitors in Warsaw Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and as such always draws attention of both foreign and national visitors. Moreover, it’s got quite a history which is both highly troubled and dramatic (think of World Wars) and also victorious (unrelentless power of Polish nation expressed for example during the Warsaw Rising… Continue Reading »

Best Warsaw hotel

Best Warsaw hotel – tips

Best Warsaw hotel – what’s there Best Warsaw hotel should have a set of distinguishing characteristics that make it best. Although, the word “best” seems easy to understand and explain, it’s best so it’s finest, first-rate, outstanding, perfect, unrivalled, matchless, incomparable and basically first-class, it’s not so easy to explain in the context of best… Continue Reading »

City tour

City tour – discover your city with a guide

City tour – possibilities People live in the countrysides, town or cities. Whereas it’s rather easy to know the story of small villages where everybody knows everybody it can be difficult to know the past and stories of bigger towns or cities. Villagers usually don’t move so much and the generation pass information to their… Continue Reading »

Historical sites

Historical sites – enjoy the travel back in time

Historical sites – Warsaw past Warsaw is a truly interesting city. No wonder that each year more and more tourists decide to visit it. Interestingly, more and more people decide to come to Warsaw not only for business and then just fill their time with some sightseeing, but also strictly for pleasure and enjoyment of… Continue Reading »